Thursday, December 22, 2011

Former NFL players sue league over concussions

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We are surprised this is the 1st legal action (at least that we are aware of) taken by a group of ex-NFL players against the league over concussions.

4 former stars filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Atlanta's U.S District Court stating they suffer from memory loss, headaches and other issues related to multiple brain injuries during their careers.

The players: Jamaal Lewis, Dorsey Levens, Fulton Kuykendall and Ryan Stewart.

The full story from is RIGHT HERE


We aren't lawyers, nor do we claim to be, but this one seems like it will be tough to prove in a court of law. Unless the teams or the players have medical records from their time in the league, it will be tough to offer tangible proof.

We assume that their legal team has a plan to address this. The AJC says the league hasn't responded to their request for a comment and we are reasonably certain the answer will be something along the lines of "Until we see the legal document, it wouldn't be proper for us to comment".

The NFL did on Wednesday issue a new mandate requiring a certified trainer to be at each game to monitor what happens and assist medical staffs as needed. The move is widely believed to be a response to what happened in Cleveland when the team failed to note Quarterback Colt McCoy was concussed and let him go back in a game against Pittsburgh. McCoy later admitted he didn't remember any of the 4th quarter.

Expect more of this to happen, though this case may be a measuring stick to see how far any legal action may be able to go.

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