Friday, December 16, 2011

McQueary testifies about what he saw Sandusky do

Mike McQueary
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And the buildup to the inevitable trial of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky continues.

The latest. On Friday afternoon in a Harrisburg, PA courtroom, the preliminary hearing for Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and former VP Gary Schultz, who are accused of lying to the grand jury about what they knew.

The key testimony of the day. That of current PennState assistant Mike McQueary who apparently came across Sandusky doing something that didn't seem to be right with a 10-12 year old boy in the shower at the teams locker room facility.

McQueary told the courtroom he heard slapping sounds when he walked into the shower area and then saw Sandusky and the boy. He said Sandusky's hands were around the boy's waist.

McQueary added he never described the encounter as "rape" or "intercourse", but he believed based on what he saw and heard that was going on.

After he left the area, McQueary said he went home and told coach Joe Paterno what happened the next day. Paterno, in his statement to the grand jury said McQueary came to him and reported he saw something of a "Sexual Nature" but Paterno didn't press for details because he knew McQueary was very upset about what he had seen.

Paterno said he would pass on what he was told, but it was a week and a half later before McQueary would meet with Curley and Schultz and he told them the same thing. He said he believed both men took it seriously and was confident because of Schultz's position of overseeing campus police, the incident would be investigated.

It wasn't.

They both told the grand jury that McQueary never portrayed the seriousness of what he'd seen.

Sandusky's odd legal team has been trying to tear down McQueary's testimony and Curley and Schultz's lawyers also say it isn't enough to make the case legit.

The judge in the case didn't see it that way. District Judge William C. Wenner decided he had seen or heard enough.

He sent the case to trial.

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