Monday, December 12, 2011

Cincy Prosecutors Looking At Pursuing Charges, Players Apologize ((UPDATED With Miller Quote and Apology))


Not that this would be a shock or anything...

But Hamilton County ((OH)) Prosecutor Joe Deters says his office will review the Cincy-Xavier fight to figure out whether or not they should press charges. Deters is a former member of the UC Board of Trustees.

"My office will review this matter to determine whether any criminal charges are appropriate. We will have no further comment until a decision is reached."

The Bearcats gave Yancy Gates, Cheikh Mbodj, and Octavius Ellis six-game suspensions. Ge'Lawn Guyn was suspended for one game. Xavier suspended point guard Tu Holloway for one game, guard Mark Lyons for two games, and Dez Wells and Landen Amos for four games each.

Coach Mick Cronin also said his suspended players will have anger management counseling before they can return to the floor, and will have to apologize to the student body and perform community service.

Here's the latest with apologies and appropriate amount of sorrow, regret, and remorse

I guess Holloway was told being a thug or a gangsta was a bad thing, finally...

Xavier's President, Father Michael Graham, issued a statement about the incident:

"Xavier University takes very seriously the Jesuit Catholic tradition on which it is built and continuously encourages all members of the Xavier family to incorporate these high values into their daily lives. The University takes pride in the good works done each and every day by its alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends.

The unsportsmanlike events which occurred at the close of Saturday’s Crosstown Shootout were not representative of Xavier’s values and reflect on all members of the Xavier family.

The University takes full responsibility for the events at the end of Saturday’s game and the role of our student athletes. Officials at all levels have been working since Saturday afternoon to make things right and will continue to restore Xavier’s good name and faith in the integrity of Xavier University and its intercollegiate Athletic program.

University officials, including those from the Administration and Athletics, have reviewed the incident in its entirety and, in conjunction with the Atlantic 10 Conference, have taken the following actions:

Freshman Dezmine Wells, who had a mandatory one game suspension after being ejected from the game for fighting, has been given an additional three games by Xavier and will serve a four-game suspension. Sophomore Landen Amos has also been given a four-game suspension. Junior Mark Lyons will serve a two-game suspension. Senior Tu Holloway will serve a one-game suspension. Read more about the suspensions.

There is no excuse for what occurred and the team feels remorse for how they represented the University. Additionally, apologies have been made by the University, Associate Vice President and Athletic Director Mike Bobinski, Coach Chris Mack and Xavier senior player Tu Holloway. Watch the Sunday news conference.

As a Jesuit Catholic institution we believe in justice and reconciliation and will learn from this sad experience. Fr. Michael Graham, President of Xavier University, has been in touch with his counterpart at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Greg Williams, to discuss how the two institutions might best cooperate to moderate the tone of the Crosstown Shootout itself and promote a spirit of cooperation between their students, alumni and fans. Players from both sides will work with the Cincinnati community in promoting proper sportsmanship. Students from both institutions are already exploring ways to strengthen the relationship between our two schools.

This has been a tough lesson, but with the support of the Xavier community, its alumni and friends, Xavier’s 180-year tradition of citizenship and values will grow only stronger."

PM UPDATE: Head coach at Arizona, Sean Miller decided to chime in on the whole situation...

Saturday in his own postgame presser, he opened his mouth... as the head coach of Xavier he had a little experience in the matter.

Maybe a little too much...

"Happens every game. I'm proud of those guys, I really am," Miller said of Xavier, his former team. "I would fully expect there to be a fight."

And, then, surprisingly he had to recant- and do so quickly...

“I made comments following our win Saturday over Clemson regarding my former team, Xavier University. These remarks were in response to a question as to whether I have been following Xavier’s on-the-court successes this season. My comments were directed toward my admiration of their on-the-court toughness and their respective approach to giving great effort as a team.”

“In no way was I condoning a fight. At the time of my press conference, I was only responding to my belief in several players that I once coached and a head coach, Chris Mack, that I have great respect for.”

Uh huh... nicely spun...
You're SO in trouble...

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