Friday, December 16, 2011

Hockey Analyst accused of assaulting kid during Hockey Game

Mike Milbury
((ht: wcvb/thebostonchannel))


Mike Milbury, Hockey analyst for the Versus Network/NBC is in some trouble with the law.

The reason: He's charged with assault and battery on a 12-year-old December 9th at a Brookline, Massachusetts hockey rink.

According to Boston TV station WCVB, Milbury is an assistant coach for a team at the Jack Kirrane Ice Skating rink and is accused of doing something not specifically disclosed to the 12-year-old who plays for another team. The incident happened during a skirmish.

Read the entire WCVB story RIGHT HERE

Without knowing details, one of two things appear to have happened here. Either Milbury grabbed and hurt a kid in the ruckus or he pulled someone off the pile and a parent got mad about it.

Either way he's wrong and will be in trouble for it. The question is how much trouble he will get in. That remains to be seen.

UPDATE--per Milbury's attorney says his client was intervening in an altercation between his kid and another player. Nobody was injured or threatened.

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