Thursday, December 22, 2011

DEVELOPING: Conlin Accusers Now Number 6

((HT: MyFoxPhilly))

Two more women have come forward to increase the number of Bill Conlin accusers to six in sexual molestation charges dating back almost forty years.

One woman, now 50 years old, says that the former Philadelphia columnist abused her on two occasions. Another woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says Conlin abused her at his home.

Here's the early returns on the new returns from Philly...

6 Now Accuse Bill Conlin Of Child Sex Abuse:

MyFoxTampaBay caught up with Conlin outside his Florida home...

"My lawyer's name is on the door. Please take it and call him, and I have nothing to say to you," Conlin said. "I think nothing of the allegations, nor can I respond to them because those are the wishes of my lawyer."

Why does the HQ think that this, too, will get uglier before it gets better...

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