Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chris Bosh was Robbed


No, really, he was actually robbed by people yet undetermined.

It appears that Mr. Bosh and his wife returned home early Thursday morning from his "Birthday Bash" at Miami Beach's Bamboo Club to find that quite a few valuables were taken from his home.

According to reports, the list includes purses, jewelry, cash and watches. Value estimate at nearly $480,000.

And according to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, there were 5-people in the home when the robbery allegedly happened. Reports say 2 babysitters, his 2 kids and an unidentified person were all in the house at the time of the alleged robbery.

Read the Sun-Sentinel report RIGHT HERE

Security has often become an issue for NBA players, many of whom live lavish lifestyles and have multiple people hanging around them at any given time. Many are family and friends, but many are also "Friends" of friends and other assorted people looking for a handout.

Bosh did tell police that his home is under video surveillance, but that the alarm was off because people were home.

No word on suspects, the investigation appears to be continuing.

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