Monday, July 22, 2013

Big XII Commish Explodes All Over NCAA

It's Big 12/10 Media Day today and before Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy poo-poohed the idea that the hurry-up offense was bad for college football, league commissioner Bob Bowlsby put a flamethrower to everything associated with the NCAA offices in Indianapolis...

Dennis Dodd and Mark Schlabach are in attendance and didn't even get their second tour of the breakfast buffet before Bowlsby blew everyone to pieces...

Some samples...

From Dodd:

Bowlsby told media in his state of union address that it is virtually impossible to pass meaningful legislation and hinted a separate division – a so-called Division 4 – is possible for the top football-playing schools. He added there is “unanimity” among his fellow FBS commissioners, saying leaving the NCAA and setting up a new organization is not likely “except as a last resort.”

“I think we all have a sense that transformative change has to happen,” Bowlsby said.

Dodd also says that Bowlsby isn't a fan of the current enforcement landscape:

"I don’t know that meaningful enforcement can take place with the leadership that we have."

Bowlsby is intimating that we could have an FCA situation all over again where the most influential are playing each other and everyone else is, well, everyone else and on their own...

Like the I-AA schism when that happened as well... but Bowlsby is also saying that some kind of secession is a last resort.

CBS Sports Jeremy Fowler caught up with another big-conference commish, the ACC's John Swofford, about the Bowlsby thoughts:

"I think that's a possibility that we'll have to see play out,” Swofford said. “I don't know of anybody who's out there right now beating the drum to walk away from the NCAA. I think the desire is to find solutions within the framework of the existing organization if at all possible.”

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