Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Judge Approves Pilot Flying J Settlements, More Lawsuits Still Planned


Pilot Flying J Truck Stops, owned by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, wants to settle outside court with 8 trucking companies that are filing suit against the company. The company made the motion to settle in an Arkansas federal court. Pilot Flying J wants to resolve the civil suits ahead of the criminal case that awaits them.

Here's what Haslam is offering:

Completely reimbursing the trucking companies
Audit all accounts of trucking companies who received any rebates from the year 2008 on
Promise to pay all customers 100 percent of any money owed- with 6 percent interest
Pay all legal and associated fees and
Allow an independent accountant to go over the company's internal audit

Customers can also opt out if they want

Haslam released a statement today saying in part: "I commend all of these individuals for their hard work and dedication to ensuring our customers are paid back quickly and fairly for any potential discrepancies found in their accounts."

The same federal judge overseeing the case will give the yay or nay in November.

Here's the latest from Knoxville...
Here's the settlement motion, thanks to our friends at WVLT-TV
The eight firms looking to settle are:

National Trucking Financial Reclamation Services, LLC.
Bruce Taylor
Edis Trucking
Jerry Floyd
Mike Campbell
Paul Otto
Townes Trucking, Inc.
R&R Transportation, Inc.

Pilot Flying J is not admitting any wrongdoing or include any punitive damages, and Pilot Flying J says they won't do any more shenanigans with their rebate policy. And it's because the company is not admitting any wrongdoing that some lawyers attached to the class action suit are looking to opt out and file separately...

The HQ is thinking that this is just getting warmed up...

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