Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Constant Leaves AC Milan Friendly After Racist Chants

AC Milan was playing Sassuolo in a friendly and Guinean-born Kevin Constant had had all he could stands...

And he couldn't stands no more...
More racist taunts came from the stands and Constant was done...

The referee allowed a substitute to come on and also ordered an announcement over the PA warning that the game would be suspended if further incidents occurred.

ACM lost 2-1 to the hosts in the Trofeo TIM tourney.

In January when ACM was playing Pro Patria, Kevin Prince-Boateng also kicked the ball at a Pro Patria fans before walking off the field with the rest of the Milan team.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has announced an immediate inquiry.

"The Federal Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation to ascertain the extent of the racist incident that took place at the Stadio del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia during the Milan-Sassuolo match, which saw AC Milan player Kevin Constant the subject of chants from some supporters in the stands."

But Milan doesn't seem to be all that happy with Constant as they were with Prince-Boateng:

"This was not a decision he should have taken upon himself to make.

"Despite his more than understandable reasons and the anger he must have felt, AC Milan would like to remind everyone that the only people responsible for intervening against any manifestations that offend the human dignity, which includes racial discrimination, are the referee in charge of the match and the head of public safety."

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