Thursday, July 18, 2013

More British Open Funnies: Tom Rinaldi Leaves Jordan Speith Hanging After Underwear Quote


Since we are pretty sure everything not normal happens in 3's, the British Open should be good at least for today.

1st there was the golfball hitting the camera and breaking the lens on ESPN. Thanks Thomas Bjorn.

You can see that video from a previous story RIGHT HERE

Then there was Charl Schwartzel throwing...and breaking his club after a bad day and shot he didn't like.

You can see that RIGHT HERE

And then there was this: To set it up, ESPN's Tom Rinaldi is wrapping up a post-round interview with 19-year old Jordan Speith. Speaith won last weeks PGA Tour Stop stateside and then flew to play in the British. Speith played his 1st round in 69 shots, just a couple off the lead.

Rinaldi asks a somewhat strange, but funny question about Speith packing enough underwear. Speith answers, smiles and reaches for a handshake as Rinaldi wraps the interview and starts his toss back to the main anchors.

He never saw Speith....

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