Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emmert: NCAA Change is a Coming


The constant drumbeat is slowly reaching a crescendo. It appears last years Galactic Realignment is only the 1st step in what appears to be a monumental change in the way College Sports...or at least the major ones, are conducted.

And that audible sigh you heard came from the "Big 5" Conference commissioners who are leading the charge.

In an interview with the Indianapolis Star, NCAA president Mark Emmert went on the record, telling the paper, along with others to "Save the Date" of Jan 16 and 17 for a significant announcement on the future.

And it's already being speculated that future will split off the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, SEC and maybe one or two others will break off from Division 1, and give them their own sandbox to play in.

And we couldn't agree with that idea more.

Read the IndyStar interview RIGHT HERE

We (The OSG) along with many others have gone on record with proposals and reasons as to why this should/has to happen.

This is what we think (for what its worth) should happen.

1st Check our story in March broaching this very subject RIGHT HERE

Allow me to re-state the key points:

Division 1 Football has to change. Yes, and the other big sports sites continue to talk about the conferences complaining about the NCAA enforcement and rules creating the problem. The so-called "Big 5" want to compensate their football and possibly basketball athletes. And most of them can afford it.

But the Sun-Belt and MAC teams of the world can't.

And really, let's not kid ourselves, it's about money. Think about the amount of money ESPN/FOX and/or others will pay for the rights to do "Big 5" games. You'll never see any other school on anything other than regional networks.

And that unfortunately is the truth of the matter. Most of the smaller Division 1 schools can't compete with the Alabama's and Ohio State's of the world. They never will.

Imagine for a minute you attend Miami (Ohio) or Georgia Southern or Idaho. Yes, congratulations, you are a Division 1 team. But you will NEVER get to play for the national championship. And don't give me this whole March Madness, on any given day thing. Basketball is different.

In football, nobody from the Sun-Belt, MAC, Conference USA, WAC or any other small division 1 conference will EVER win an NCAA title under the current system.


So yeah, as much as we loathe the alleged "Non-Profit" University's of the world, they are making a killing and trying to pay bills they can't pay right now by squeezing TV money to pay for the new mega-practice facilities. No school outside the Big 5 can afford to compete with them on that front. And they'll never get a TV contract big enough to do it.

No, we'd rather see the Sun-Belt champ have a shot at a bigger title. Getting away from the SEC's of the world will be the only way that happens. So what if it's played on the CBSSports Network instead of CBS or on ESPN 2 instead of ESPN. It doesn't matter. At least it will be competitive.

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