Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Irony: Pac 12 Upset at D-1 Inclusion of For Profit School


Does anyone else find this kind of funny? Or at the very least, a pot and kettle situation?

It appears the Pac-12 Conference is less that amused at the NCAA allowing Grand Canyon University Antelopes
to move from Division II to D-1

The 8,500 or so students who attend or take classes at the Arizona based Christian school are in line for a move to the Western Athletic Conference, which was decimated by realignment.

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The reason we've labeled this ironic is simple. The Pac-12 and other "Big-Time Schools" all claim to be--"Not for Profit". Yet, they've thrown away traditional alignments, budget consciousness and everything else in the pursuit of TV money.

So much so that many long-time schools like Maryland and Rutgers who've jumped to the Big 10 primarily to pay off the debt they acquired building monsterous practice facilities and firing coaches they owe small fortunes to after a season or two.

Yes, Grand Canyon exists to make money. But you could argue so does every school in the PAC-12.

Sure, the Pac-12/Division 1 schools don't have to pay taxes on their profit. (They could eliminate half the national debt if they did), but many of them make profits. Yes, they umbrella it under the "Athletic Associations", but think about it. Many get up to $20 million a year from ESPN before they ever play a game.

Who wouldn't call that profit?

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