Saturday, July 27, 2013

ICYMI: Klinsman Suspended for CONCAF Final

It's rare to see the U.S, not a World Soccer Power, in the finals of any tournament. But the own the CONCAF Cup, winning it 5-times.

Sunday they will be playing for number 6, but will be doing it without their head coach Jurgen Klinsman.

That's because Klinsman will be serving a one-game suspension after slamming a soccer ball on the ground during the U.S semi-final 3-1 win over Honduras.

He was booted from that game for "Showing dissent towards the referee by throwing the ball in a violent manner" which is an eject-able and suspend-able offense according to FIFA rules.

Assistant coach Martin Vasquez will lead the team against Panama on Sunday.

Listen to Klinsman and Landon Donovan talk about the semi-final win over Honduras earlier in the week:

(Thanks MLS)

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