Monday, July 29, 2013

UNC Suspends P.J Hairston Indefinitely


Well, the latest in North Carolina basketball standout P.J Hairston's problems appears to have been the straw that broke the camel's--or Roy Williams's back.

Hairston was arrested Sunday afternoon and charged with reckless driving. It's the latest ina series of problems spanning the past several months.

In no particular order, he was arrested at a license checkpoint on June 5th and charged with possessing marijuana and driving with no license, those charges were recently dropped.

He's also been linked to two different cars (including the one in the June 5th incident) owned by an area resident who's title is something along the lines of "party promoter" and who's been linked to quite a few Raleigh/Durham area college athletes. Oh, and did we add he has a prison record?

Read more about Mr. Hairston's adventures RIGHT HERE

At this point, we'd say Hairston is done in Chapel Hill. He's bringing the type of problems to the basketball team that often lead towards NCAA investigations.

Nobody, to this point has made accusations of such abuses by the school, players or boosters, but eyebrows are being raised. Having one of your players tied to guns, marijuana and/or rogue boosters or wanna be agents is not something North Carolina, a school who's football team already has them in trouble with the NCAA, wants any part of.

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