Monday, July 15, 2013

Broncos Suspend Execs Charged With DUI

Matt Russell's Booking Photos/Sumner Co. Sheriff

It's not only NFL Players who've had some misbehavior issues this offseason, the issue extended to at least one NFL team's front office.

That team, the Denver Broncos announced today they are suspending director of pro personnel Tom Heckert and Matt Russell, director of player personnel. Heckert will be gone for a month without pay, Russell will be suspended indefinitely.

The suspensions come on the heels of the pair being arrested nearly 10-days ago. Russell crashed his pickup into a police car and tested at a .246 blood alcohol content level. Heckert was arrested in an unrelated incident June 11th.

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As we mentioned earlier, this hasn't exactly been a banner off season for the NFL. Between this and the nearly 30 player arrests, including the high profile murder charges facing former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez, it's been a steady stream of bad news.

The perception among many is the NFL and the people that work in it lead charmed lives and are able to do and get away with what they want. That they can misbehave and there are no repercussions.

That's not necessarily true.

Yes, the league doesn't have a cohesive plan for disciplining players and that often means nothing happens to misbehaving players. Because of that, many players seem to feel as though they can get away with whatever they do and that has to stop. A $50,000 fine to a guy making $7 million a year is but a hiccup.

Despite the grief the Jolly Roger (Goodell) gets for doling out penalties and suspensions to law breakers, it has to continue. Someone has to be the bad guy. The players and in this case, the front offices may not like it, but the teams and the people that work on them have to be held to a high standard, and like it or not, a higher standard than just about everyone else.

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