Sunday, July 28, 2013

Interpret as You Will: Alabama Recruit Waving Wads of Cash

Dee Liner on Left

We'd now like to open the floor to questions from the audience. Please feel free to discuss after reading the story and seeing the photo.

Take a look at the Instagram photo on your right. In it, you'll see Alabama freshman recruit Dee Liner flashing rather large piles of cash along with his friends. The attached hashtag--#StruggleOverWit. It was uncovered by a website called "College".

It's not clear where or how young Mr. Liner came upon this sudden windfall, but the youngster from Muscle Shoals has been rather popular, or at least well known in the state of Alabama.

He originally committed to Auburn back in January, but then de-committed after the departure of former coach Gene Chizik.

Just a few weeks later, he ended up signing with Alabama or the team known as Auburn's chief rival.

We are NOT saying the Liner has done anything wrong. Other than posting a really dumb picture on Instagram that's already attracting some unwanted attention. What we are saying is: Let's hope this is something perfectly innocent and Liner unknowingly posted a photo that is giving people a chance to make the wrong assumption.

But considering the cynical nature of College Football recruiting, particularly in the SEC, it's not hard to assume the first impression is right.

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