Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Did Ex Ess-E-Cee Players Get Extra Benefits From Agents...??? (UPDATE: Saban Reacts)

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The last time Charles Robinson dropped the hammer on someone, the University of Miami was put on "Uncle Nevin" Alert...

Now, he and Rand Getlin have now come forward to disclose that former Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker, Tennessee QB Tyler Bray, Tennessee DE Maurice Couch, Mississippi State University DT Fletcher Cox and Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis have had alleged contact with intermediaries and, possibly, agents.

Fluker, Bray and Cox are all currently in the pros. Bumphis was released by the Miami Dolphins. Couch is a senior starting for the Volunteers. Robinson and Getlin were contacted by those who felt that former Alabama TE Luther Davis was acting as an intermediary for college football players and agents.

Here's Charles Robinson with Melanie Collins...

If proven true, the NCAA violation for consorting with agents could retroactively blow up any positive stuff from Alabama, Tennessee, and Miss State during the eligibility of the five athletes.

From Getlin and Robinson:

Yahoo Sports was able to authenticate text message records, Western Union fund transfers, banking statements, flight receipts and other financial material linking both Davis and the five college football players. Yahoo Sports also found that three NFL agents and three financial advisers engaged Davis in transactions totaling $45,550. The three agents were Andy Simms, Peter Schaffer and John Phillips. The financial advisers were Jason Jernigan, Mike Rowan and Hodge Brahmbhatt.

Here are all the investigation documents

This has all the appearances of deep doo-doo if all of this checks out...
Which it looks like it does...

The schools involved are investigating and declining comment... as well they should...

Here's early reports from WBRC-TV and MyFoxAL

Wednesday was press conference day for Tide head coach Nick Saban, and he was in no mood to talk about players past...
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