Monday, September 9, 2013

Jim Mora Gets Rightfully Ticked at Dumbass Reporter (UPDATED)

(Update at bottom of story))

It's rare when a coach is right for getting angry and walking out of a press conference, but in this case, UCLA coach Jim Mora did exactly the right thing.

Mora was rightfully angry during his Monday press conference that he began by talking about what he and the team were dealing with after the early Sunday morning death of walk-on WR Nick Pasquale.

You can read more about what happened to Pasquale RIGHT HERE

An emotional and difficult thing for a team to deal with as they begin another season.

That's when a reporter, whom to this point is un-named interrupted the proceedings by taking a call, then talking while Mora was trying to convey his thoughts.

You can very plainly see Mora trying to compose himself, admonish the reporter for interrupting and then rather than saying something he'd regret, he got up and left.


We've seen Mora during his time in Atlanta stick his foot in his mouth--a lot. But props to him for handling this the only way he could.

We hope he does not get grief for walking out, and don't think he will.

It's amazing to us how many reporters still don't get that whole common courtesy thing nor realize, the entire world does not revolve around them. We covered Sports for 20-years and are well aware that too many Sports Media members don't understand whatever access they get is a privilege, not a right.

And yet so many will leave their phone on, engage in other conversation, complain when it's "Too Cold" to cover a game (NFL Writers) and other inconveniences 1 billion others would gladly put up with.

((UPDATE--Per Ryan Kartje @ryan_Kartje--of the Orange County Register: 20 minutes after walking out of the presser, Mora spent time with the beat writers finishing his thoughts about Pasquale and how the team was handling the situation.

Kartje also tweeted that the offending phone talker during the presser was believed to be a photographer from the local NBC affiliate))

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