Sunday, September 8, 2013

NASCAR at Richmond: Carl Edwards Wins But Conspiracy Theories Abound


For those of you not glued to College Football games Saturday night, there was a NASCAR Sprint Cup race that took place at the Richmond International Speedway.

And that race, the last before the Race for the Chase ends and the Top 12 drivers go after the Sprint Cup title, was won by Carl Edwards, but ended with what many believe could be a conspiracy.

That conspiracy appears to have been triggered by Clint Bowyer.

With 6 laps left, Ryan Newman was leading and appeared headed for the win. A victory would have gotten him into the Race for the Chase. The win would bump Bowyer's Michael Waltrip racing teammate Martin Truex Jr out of said Chase.

That's when things got crazy.

A radio conversation between Bowyer and his spotters was over-heard. The conversation apparently was apparently to let Bowyer know Newman was in the lead. He was then asked how his arm was feeling.

Shortly thereafter, Bowyer, unprompted, spun out causing a caution flag to be raised.

The ensuing pit stop was bumbled by Newman's pit crew, he didn't win and Truex held on to the final spot in the Chase.

Read the entire story by Yahoo Sports RIGHT HERE

If this is true, and it will be tough to prove, someone should be penalized. Heavily.

Sure, Bowyer may have been taking one for his team...which is great. But it's also really poor sportsmanship.

Yeah, you could argue Newman's pit crew cost him his chance at winning, and you may or may not have been wrong. But that situation would have been avoided if Bowyer and his team played honest and let the chips fall where they may.

We will see if NASCAR takes a closer look at this and actually finds anything (we be they will and won't find a thing)

Here's video of Bowyer's in car camera--with Radio Conversation and ESPN reporter Jamie Little cut straight to the question at hand:

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