Saturday, September 7, 2013

Things You Can't Unsee: Lingerie Football Player Celebrates TD in Different Way


We admit this post is as much about shock and strangeness value as opposed to anything else. Because to be totally honest with you  the viewer, we are always trying to get traffic to our website.

And if you've never seen the Lingerie Football League, well, you are not alone. We have from time to time posted some bizarre videos from this fringe sports league of cursing coaches, coaches threatening players and players doing strange things.

This might take the "cake".

Toilet cake that is.

Check out what happened during the Chicago Bliss/Philadelphia Passion Legends Cup game. (We think that is their version of a title game)

Watch what happens after the Bliss score a TD. We are pretty sure there is no chance the NFL will ever go this route. Yes, it appears she's trying to relieve herself in the end zone.

Nor should they:

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