Sunday, October 13, 2013

ICYMI: Penn St Beats Michigan in 4 OT's

Four overtimes. It's the type of game that exhausts players, coaches and fans.

And after Saturday, both Sports writers and Penn State fans are calling it one of the greatest upsets ever.

We are just calling it a pretty good game.

Penn State (4-2) beat Michigan (5-1) Saturday 43-40 in 4....yes, 4 overtimes. The game ended after Michigan kicked a field goal in the top of the 4th OT, Penn State got a 2-yard TD run by Bill Belton to win it.

And the chaos ensued. The biggest win for the Nittany Lions in Bill O'Brien's 2-years at the helm. Yes, it was a very good win for an improving Penn State team over what was, but shouldn't be a ranked Michigan team. But what leaves us scratching our heads is the description of it being a huge upset.

It wasn't.

Penn State isn't as bad as the team that lost to a very good UCF squad. Michigan, hasn't been impressive, yet they were somehow undefeated. But they are Michigan, so if the record is over .500, they get ranked.

The other qualifier is this: They both play in the god awful Big 10. Yes, the Big 10. We aren't comparing the 10 to say, the MAC or Conference USA or even the AAC (the aaack). But of the power conferences, no they aren't very good.

Anyway, enough of that, your highlights from ESPN:

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