Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Florida Gulf Coast U. Denied A Buzzer Beater Because Of Obscure Rule

They were the darlings of last year's NCAA Tournament, Florida Gulf Coast.

Nine months later Andy Enfield is coaching at Southern California and with the Eagles off to a 5-5 start FGCU doesn't look so pretty now.

Tuesday night Chase Fieler hit a catch and shoot buzzer beater with point 3 seconds left that would have sent the game against South Florida in triple overtime.

Thanks FGCU Eagles

The catch and shoot was the problem. The officials ruled that the shot attempt was not a tip in and waved off the basket giving South Florida a 68-66 win over Florida Gulf Coast.

FGCU's Chase Fieler Beats The Clock But Denied Basket
"I'll take it," South Florida head coach Stan Heath said.

During the time out the officials reminded the FGCU coaches that with point 3 seconds on the clock it had to be a tip-in situation.  

Still photos do show that the ball was out of Fieler's hands before the red light came on.

Judgment call.

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