Friday, December 20, 2013

Oregon Football Players Get and Appear To Be Selling New Air Jordans


Hmmm….what was that argument about college football players needing to get stipends or paid?

It appears, according to a report in the Portland (OR) Business Journal that at least one lucky University of Oregon football player or someone related to one,  has a pair of the new "Limited Edition" Air Jordan sneakers on sale on EBay.

We don't know for absolute certain that it's an actual Oregon Football player selling the shoes…but. The shoes are apparently part of some "Player Exclusives" given to the football team by team owner…um…I mean Nike magnate Phil Knight or at least his representatives.

And yes, it's an NCAA violation if this in fact is an athlete selling the shoes. The Business Journal did contact the University who said they are monitoring but all inventory are accounted for as far as they know.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

Okay, so does anyone else find it amusing that there are apparently some 43 active auctions of similar shoes…that were supposed to be "Limited Editions" or "Player Exclusives"?

And for that matter, is there not a restriction on Nike granting athletes multiple pairs of shoes selling for a LOT of money? Money they would not have themselves?

And if only "Select" athletes get them, who decides who is in that group? While we certainly aren't against the whole "Stipend" thing, this is a bit excessive? No regular students have access to these. Heck, it appears a lot of athletes don't.

Just some of the many questions sitting out there. And no, we don't begrudge Oregon for taking advantage of the team owner's benevolent gift giving at all.

Would you?

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