Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tom Wilson Should Expect A Shanahan Phone Call

((HT: Sportsnet))

For this...
Wilson was dealt a five-minute charging major and ejected from the game. There is no word yet whether Wilson — who has no suspension record — would be called for a hearing. Wilson and Schenn actually fought in a preseason game on September 27th, so there's something there (maybe). The Flyers thought the hit was a turning point in the game... ((HT: Where Caps head coach Adam Oates doesn't even think it's a penalty... ((HT: “It’s a tough, reckless play, a hit from behind,” argued Flyers coach Craig Berube.

Berube said that Schenn is “OK.”

The key will be whether or not the league office sees the acceleration into the check as an issue and some kind of premeditation...

And the next time the two teams play, it will be interesting as to whether or not Braydon's brother, Luke, takes up for what happened... Luke wanted a piece of everybody in a Caps sweater after the hit, but he couldn't leave the bench and do anything about it immediately...

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