Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chris Weidman Hangs on to UFC Middleweight Title After Beating Silva Again (Wanna See...???)

The match was billed as a revenge match and was hyped as much as any UFC match in recent history.

And it ended with a broken leg.

Chris Weidman, a surprise middleweight title holder after beating UFC legend Anderson Silva early this past summer, defended that title in Las Vegas Saturday night as the headline match in UFC 168.

The match ended just over a minute into round 2, when Silva went to the mat writhing in pain after blocking a leg kick by Weidman. It was later determined that Silva's shin had cracked from the block.

The win moves him to 11-0 in his career, which appears to be bright as Weidman is still somewhat of a newcomer in UFC circles. As for Silva, he's now 38-years old and for the 1st time in his legendary career, has lost two straight matches.

Your highlights from FOX Sports:

Curt0photo's Vine account has the injury...

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