Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Louisville's Kevin Ware Bored With Kentucky Rivalry: "...we really don’t care that Kentucky exists.”

It looks like the Louisville/Kentucky men's basketball rivalry might heat up.

The 'Cats and "Cards mix it up on December 28th at Rupp Arena in Lexington in one of college basketball's best rivalry but Louisville's Kevin Ware finds it boring.

"It gets old; it's boring." Ware said.  "It's just another game," Ware said. "Nobody's from here except a couple guys on the team. We really don't get into the whole UK-Louisville rivalry. It's just another game for us. A lot of people take it to that further extent, all the UK and U of L bashing each other. And even with a lot of stuff that they put on us this year, we really don't care that Kentucky exists. We just look at them as another school."

I wonder who the UK fans in Rupp Arena will target in a week and a half.

Just another game, really.  Boring, ridiculous. Kentucky another school, BS.

I know these rivalry games are more for the fans and alumni for bragging rights but please, a late December game against and in-state rival should have some meaning.

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