Monday, December 16, 2013

Your CFB Title Game Locations Are Set for 3 Years

We now know where the 1st 3 College Football Championship games are going to be held.

And yeah, before you say it, we know, the 1st game has already been announced, the inaugural game in January of 2015 will be held at Jerry World in the Dallas suburbs (Arlington, TX)

On Monday, the "Group" running the "College Football Playoff" announced the locations of the next two games. Your winners: Glendale, Arizona in 2015 and Tampa, Florida in 2016.

Your explainer from RIGHT HERE

Feel better now?

Yes, for those not up to speed, the BCS goes away January 6th at the end of the Auburn/FSU game. And while nobody knows how the "Playoff" will play out, it likely will make people feel better than the largely unpopular BCS system.

However, we say that knowing that despite the 4-team playoff system, team 5 and 6 will no doubt be hating the new system too...

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