Wednesday, December 25, 2013

From Us to You: Happy Holidays and Things We're Thankful For

We just wanted to take a minute here on our labor of love, the OSG Sports website to wish everyone who reads this and some of the content we produce a healthy and happy holiday season.

If you are a 1st time reader or a regular reader, we can't thank you enough this year. Our page views, well, they've increased over 20% from last year.

We are nearing 300,000 views this year, which for some of the bigger sites is nothing, but for us is a nice accomplishment.

Many of you who know us know the site truly is a labor of love. We don't have a staff to help find and write stories. It's just the four of us, with an occasional guest appearance by some of our friends. We all have full-time jobs, families to take care of, we post things when we have free time, which sometimes is timely and sometimes is not.

Do we make any money on OSG Sports? A little. Enough to pay to keep our production company OSG Sports Media legal with a business license. We do a little production work, an occasional production here and there, but not enough to make us rich or provide us more time to tend to the site.

We'd love to be in the Sports Blog company of the Deadspin's, The Big Lead's, the Bleacher Reports or Fansided's of the world, but that's a very lofty goal to achieve. All provide wonderful content, we sometimes pull ideas from them, but all have corporate backing, serious advertising and staffs who do nothing but tend to the websites.

We are trying, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to be a little different than they are. To give you some things they don't. Often it's providing a TV or Video story to complement what we post. Our backgrounds are in television and TV story can often be a great supplement.

One thing we are able to give you is perspective. Combined, me (@osgphil), Jon (@osgnelson), Wilkie (@jwilkerson16) and J-Dub (@johnwoodNC) can give you is an understanding of what we are posting. We all have or still do work in the world of sports and have covered teams and events ranging from the Super Bowl to SEC Football to minor league baseball. We do actually know a little about the things we talk about. Much more than a paid writer at a corporate website.

But we can't do this or be successful, without you. That's why OUR Christmas wish is that you tell your friends, Sports fans or not, to come and check us out. Take a look at what we are trying to do. Sports with perspective, occasionally with some opinion and often with a subtle, but generally clean sense of humor.

We hope you are enjoying your holidays with the people you love much like we are. The New Year will soon be upon us and we wish you the best of luck and the most successful of years.

Everyone celebrates this time of year in their own way, so rather than wishing you a Happy (insert holiday here), we decided to remind you of the TRUE reason to celebrate:

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