Saturday, February 8, 2014

Balotelli Victim Of Racist Chants Again...???

((HT: HQ Football 24))

This is getting really tiresome, but the HQ knows short of empty stadia where fans aren't allowed to support their teams and massive fines on the teams that allow their fans to say racist things toward opposing players, that what may have happened AGAIN today in Serie A will just keep happening...

It's been a long year for AC Milan and their game against Napoli wasn't doing them any favors...

Down 2-1 with 15 minutes left, manager Clarence Seedorf pulled Balotelli- who, it has been reported, was the target of racist chants... this has yet to be substantiated where Seedorf says his tears were that of a sportsman who cares and not Napoli words.

Roma's Ignazio Abate thought the tears were out of disappointment:

“Mario really cares about doing well with Milan and making his mark. He is sentimental. It’s a shame that he got so downhearted about it, as he needs to keep his head up.”

Here's the shot into the dugout focused on Balotelli- interpret as you wish...

Milan would lose 3-1

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