Sunday, February 9, 2014

College Hoops: Marcus Smart Shoves Fan During Game

Most of you sports fans are probably waking up to the news a college basketball player shoved a fan during a game last night.

That player, Marcus Smart, the best player for the Oklahoma State Cowboys has been raising a lot of eyebrows the past few weeks showing frustration and anger quite frequently on the court.

That frustration hit a crescendo Saturday night in Lubbock, Texas when the Cowboys squared off with Texas Tech.

Tech was in the process of beating the 19th ranked Cowboys, when Smart found himself landing in the crowd after blocking a shot late in the game. He got up, found himself in front of self proclaimed Tech superfan Jeff Orr.

If you watch the video closely, some words were exchanged and Smart shoves Orr and then runs back out onto the court.

Note--In no way, shape or form are we condoning Smarts actions...but. After the game, several people reported that Orr may have uttered a racial slur at Smart. And while that doesn't justify the reaction, it might at least give it some context.

Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford had no comment about the incident, Texas Tech coach Tubby Smith said that his back was turned away from it and didn't see it. The Big 12 office has already opened an investigation. provides the video:

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