Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Navy SEAL Tries Out For Northwestern

((HT: Chicago Sun-Times/Lost Letterman))

Lost Letterman gets the credit for this story

Tom Hruby has had tours as a veteran in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now trying to stick with the Wildcats as a defensive player-special teamer. He is living in the dorms and is trying to make a go of it as a junior on campus.

Still as an active Navy SEAL...

Seth Gruen's article is a must-read about someone who has sacrificed, whose family is still sacrificing, and is looking toward that next challenge.

From the article:

“What’s the next step? How do we get out of here? And you’ve just got to stick to those thoughts, stick to what’s important, stick to what you know and just kind of have an attitude,” he said. “We all have an attitude of we’re always going to survive. There’s almost nothing that can beat us.”

And the HQ can't wait to see how Hruby attacks this challenge.

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