Friday, August 1, 2014

Adult League Soccer Player Murder Trial Underway, DCFC Supporter's Group Helping Out Ref's Family

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This one is a little more than "not normal..."

A man in suburban Detroit is now, officially, on trial for second degree murder for allegedly killing a soccer referee with one punch during a recreational league soccer match back in late June.

Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad will now be on trial for trial in the death of John Bienewicz. Saad was ejected from an adult soccer game when witnesses say he turned around and punched Bienewicz on the side of the head or the neck.

The medical examiner assigned to the case testified that Bienewicz lost consciousness before he hit the ground. The punch put him in a coma and he later died.

The defense...???

Attorneys defending Saad say he got "emotional..." and claim the case is more a manslaughter case than murder.

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Arraignment is set for August 7th...

Nicholas Mendola, over at Pro Soccer Talk, has a great hook to the story. The Northern Guard, the supporter's group for the NPSL's Detroit City FC, had a cursing jar for the season. Last year, they donated their proceeds to "Holligans for Heroes." This year's funds are going to Bienewicz's "Friends of" fund to help his family.

To the tune of $6,000...

Well done...

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