Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Both Driver and Auburn Football Player Very Drunk at Time of Fatal Crash


If you want a class about the dangers of drinking heavily and driving, this might be a story to include in your classwork.

A former Auburn football player and another man died in a crash early in the morning of June 29th near LaGrange, Georgia.

The driver, Joseph Davis of Dunwoody, Ga and Philip Lutzenkirchen who was sitting in the backseat of the car and was the aforementioned football player...had blood alcohol levels well above the legal limit toxicology reports stated.

Davis registered a 0.17 and Lutzenkirchen a 0.377.

Mind you according to Georgia law, a 0.08 BAC is enough for you to be considered legally intoxicated.

Two other passengers in the car were injured, but not seriously.

It may never be known why the group decided to go for a drive that late at night after drinking, though there were some reports they were familiar with the area and thought they could get to where they need to be.

But they were drinking and rarely does something like that end well.

For those wondering, Lutzenkirchen was a highly successful Tight End prospect who played a big role in the success of Auburn's 2010 National Championship team. He was briefly on the roster of the St. Louis Rams.

He had graduated, and according to reports was trying to establish a coaching career.

Davis, a University of Georgia student had recently transferred to Athens with the hope of making the baseball team. He was not able to secure a roster spot.

This was a very unfortunate accident that took the life of two men far too early. And it could have been avoided.

Without trying to preach...we hope this will be a lesson, even if it's just for one person, as to why you should not have a lot to drink and then get behind the wheel of a 1-ton car. It almost never ends well...

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