Friday, August 1, 2014

Cowboys Print Playoff Tickets: Swear It's Not Motivational Ploy


Supposedly, the reason the Dallas Cowboys sent season ticket holders playoff tickets before the season started as a way to increase ticket office efficiency.

And the team swears....that is the only reason they did it.

We aren't sure we believe it, but really they did ship out playoff tickets, including potential NFC Championship game tickets this week.

Team spokesman Rich Dalrymple told amused reporters that it cost less to print the tickets and mail them now instead of trying to rush them through at the end of the year and through the holiday's.

He also said the tickets will not be active UNLESS the team makes the playoffs. Though he didn't mention if those ticket holders were paying for said tickets.

We should also add that the Cowboys haven't made the playoffs since 2009, though they have been close. Many of us remain skeptical that printing tickets in advance will change that streak...

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