Thursday, August 7, 2014

Donald Trump First Up For Bills Bid Discussions


The bidding process is now moving to the meet-and-greet phase for the groups that want to have the Buffalo Bills as a part of the corporate portfolio.

There are concerns that both the Trump and Bon Jovi groups may have violated the rules in negotiations by going public in disclosing the bid numbers publicly.

Trump's first bid was in the neighborhood of a billion dollars- and, according to Al Michaels, is all cash
The Bon Jovi/Toronto bid was a little north of that and they may not be able to go any higher
Terry Pegula is rumored to be in the neighborhood of $1.3-billion and he could go higher if he thinks he needs to

And, now, it appears Tom Golisano may add his name to the pile after all

Here's the latest out of Buffalo

We're just getting started and don't be surprised if another name is added to the mix for the purchase before we're done.

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