Saturday, August 9, 2014

OSG High: Prime Prep Academy Problems Continue


It has been a long two years for the Deion Sanders-started Prime Prep Academy in Dallas.

The school has had to challenge the revocation of its charter by the Texas Education Agency because of low test scores in that time frame and the feds investigating the misuse of federal funds over their plan of free and discounted lunches. The administrators also had to admit publicly that the school is six figures-worth of being in the hole.

Remember the incident where Deion got into a fight with the Academy's fellow owners and operators that included their banning Sanders from campus...???

Yep... it was over this place...

Brett Shipp details the next round of issues

Sanders maintains that the kids are the victims in this- despite the allegations of unpaid rent and a curriculum that may not satisfy NCAA rules and regulations for athletes that would be graduates- and he thinks that the impossible will happen in a reversal of the decision by the TEA so the school can keep its charter.

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