Friday, August 15, 2014

OSG Prem: Pulis Quits Crystal Palace

((HT: Sky Sports))

Two days before the season starts...

It's either one of two things- a selfish move by a manager or the be all-end all in frustration over a squad that hasn't spent any money in the off-season to improve their lot.

The background...

Tony Pulis took over for Ian Holloway in November last season as Palace was in the heart of the relegation battle in the Premier League. He constructed a style of play and a mindset to get everything turned around and had the Eagles finish 11th in the table.

Only two sides know the real reason for his abrupt and shocking departure- Pulis and ownership.

But Palace has gone from receivership to manageable budgets- just not spending any money on importing talent in the process.

One can look at this two ways- considering what Pulis did with what he was given, the front office felt they didn't need to spend. But Pulis, in turn, would present the notion that there is no improvement without spending.

The folks at Sports Tonight discuss the season- presumably before the Pulis walk...

So, was Pulis foolish or did he know what was about to happen and didn't like where it was heading.

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