Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Power 5 Are Off And Running

((HT: ESPN))

The top five college athletics conferences are one step closer to having their own autonomous behavior when it comes to what it would take to run their athletic programs.

By a near-unanimous vote, the Board of Directors has approved the idea to allow themselves to decide on how much money they want to give above and beyond their scholarship dollars as "cost-of-attendance stipends," as well as increased insurance benefits for players, staff sizes for sports on campus, loosening recruiting rules and determining just how much hours can be spent on individual sports- considered practice time- which they're looking to expand and monitor internally.

Here's Joe Schad discussing with David Lloyd

The "no" vote would have to carry more than 75 schools, but the schools in the Power 5 could vote to secede from the NCAA on their own if a vote like that was to pass.

So, the haves will have more control over themselves and the have nots will be left to fight for themselves.


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