Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UPDATE: Steve Ballmer Owns The L.A Clippers

It's done....

Ok, at least the sale, in the minds of the NBA, Shelley Sterling and Steve Ballmer is done. The league announced that Shelley Sterling and the Sterling trust has closed the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft magnate Steve Ballmer.

Ballmer already had the O.K of the league to purchase the team, but the sale was contingent on a written order by a California court confirming Shelley had the power to complete the sale.

That happened right about noon eastern time.

Oh, did we mention that Ballmer is paying $2 billion for the team?

Yes, $2 billion.....

We should also note that now former owner and crazy guy Donald Sterling is expected to appeal the judges ruling and the sale, but nobody expects that to derail the proceedings at this point.

Meanwhile, the NBA, according to the Los Angeles Times has filed a countersuit vs. Mr. Sterling claiming he owes them for "devastating and incalculable" harm to the league". We aren't sure what that means, but Donald Sterling already has filed suit against them, so we're guessing this is the part where lawyers make a lot of money.

For the Clippers, it means a chance to move forward and an opportunity to put the mess in the rear view mirror. Coach Doc Rivers and several players had mumbled privately they were considering not playing or boycotting should the sale not go through.

Instead, they are celebrating their good fortune. They get a rich owner, they get...at least eventually some stability. And they get a chance to get ready for yet another NBA season right on the horizon....

KCBS gives us the early TV story:

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