Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Victor Coleman Now Paired With Chris Hansen For Seattle NHL Idea


Chris Daniels has an update on the development of possible partners for Chris Hansen, his new arena in Seattle, and the idea of bringing a new hockey franchise to the city of Seattle.

Vancouver-based real estate magnate Victor Coleman has apparently signed a "non-binding" (translation: no cash changing hands publicly) agreement on the South Downtown area that Hansen wants to put an arena in for his NBA franchise that he wants to bring to town-that he doesn't have yet.

Coleman was part of the gaggle of city leaders that met with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Bill Daly secretly to talk about the Seattle destination for any hockey franchise that wants to relocate.

Are you listening Phoenix...???

Coleman has even put ideas about revenue streams on paper for Hansen to look at...

Here's the latest from Daniels on Coleman
The team that is playing at River Casinos Arena is on a very short leash with its owners at present with no end of money hemorrhaging- at present.

The folks down on Glendale need to pay serious attention to all that's going on up there as they get closer to solutions for bringing a team to Seattle and creating a natural rivalry with Vancouver- Coleman's home base...

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