Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aaron Rodgers Meets Aaron Rodgers--Sort Of

Ever wonder what would happen if Aaron Rodgers met someone who looked an awful lot like him?

Well, okay, actually since we aren't Packers fans...especially after they stole a win from our beloved Miami Dolphins last week, we really never thought much about it.

But the fine folks at NFL Films did think about it.

And produced a video of Rodgers meeting British comic Tom Wigglesworth a.k.a The Amazing Mr. Wrigglesworth (must be a British thing). Which although we are stereotyping a bit, the video is pretty funny. Especially when he tries to sell people in Green Bay that he's the real Rodgers...

The video is long. 10 minutes worth, but if you need a good laugh on a Thursday morning...

Then this is for you:

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