Saturday, October 18, 2014

FSU: No Evidence Winston Got Money for Autographs

While many of us were out enjoying our Friday night, Florida State University issued a statement about their "internal" investigation of Jameis Winston and his certified autographed memorabilia for sale on the Internet.

Athletic Director Stan Wilcox said, among other things; "At this time, we have no indication that he (Winston) accepted payment for items reported to bear his signature thereby compromising his athletic eligibility."

This is not a surprise. And Wilcox is correct. There's no proof Winston took money for signing the nearly 2000 items on the web with his signature. Therefore there is no reason he shouldn't be able to play.

The autograph situation is completely different than the issues facing Georgia Running Back Todd Gurley. Someone stepped up with evidence Gurley got paid. And agree or disagree, that is technically a rules violation unless proven otherwise, which it hasn't been yet.

The whole issue is stupid for the simple fact the NCAA makes millions off jersey's etc with the names of these kids and the kids see NONE of that money.

Do we think Jameis Winston got paid to sign stuff that is being sold online. Hell yeah we do. There's no logical explanation for that much signed stuff being available unless he did a mass signing for someone.

But there is no proof thus far, which means he can play, he can move forward--for now.

NOTE---Also on Friday, Winston's attorney David Cornwell confirmed the process of Winston's Student Judiciary hearing is moving forward as of now. Cornwell says while he still disagrees with the whole set-up, he's made his choice as to which of the three judges made available for the hearing that he'd like recused.

The hearing, that's a whole other issue...

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