Wednesday, October 22, 2014

University of Texas to Pay Athletes $10,000


Oh boy.

Some college athletic director had to break the ice...or at least just come out publicly and say it. And as it turns out, apparently University of Texas AD Steve Patterson is that guy.

Patterson spoke at a Washington D.C panel to discuss the changing landscape of College Sports on Tuesday. He said his school is prepared to pay players $10,000 each per year to cover their daily expenses and to compensate the athlete for use of their image.

Patterson did not say when the Longhorns would begin doing this. He added it would cost the school roughly $6 million a year and it wouldn't be a significant dent in the athletic budget.

Read the story from the Dallas Morning News RIGHT HERE

This all comes on the heels of the Todd Gurley incident, where he is alleged to have taken money for his autograph and allegations Jameis Winston and many other college players have done the same.

The path to this is a long one and ended this past summer when the NCAA essentially allowed the "Power 5" conferences to operate on their own.

While a school that brings in enough money like a Texas won't have issue with this, it's likely that many smaller school's will not be able to keep up. Along with separating the haves and the have nots, it should strengthen the argument that there should be separate levels for each.

Only time will tell who will step up and be the first to actually pay instead of announcing it.

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