Friday, October 24, 2014

Could Mack Brown Take SMU Job?


Huh? Sure, $4 million is a lot of money to coach a football team, but SMU? Why would you put yourself through that?

According to a report in Friday mornings Dallas Morning News, SMU is floating a $4 million a year offer to former University of Texas head coach Mack Brown to take over the team.

Brown is currently a College Football analyst/coach-in-waiting at ESPN, where he apparently is enjoying the time away. He's stated that he won't do anything until he finishes the season there.

Read the report, which includes an awfully optimistic list of potential head coaches RIGHT HERE

Why would you hire a coach like Brown who essentially is going to have to rebuild the entire program? Yeah, sure, the Mustangs had some good years under former coach June Jones who got them to some bowl games. But his best year was an 8-5 season.

Throwing around that kind of money would indicate SMU AD Rick Hart is willing to play with the big boys, sure. We get that.

But that part of this that nobody--at least nobody in Texas is talking about is that this is SMU. The Mustangs are, in every aspect, the WORST team in College Football this season.

Outside of one game where they erupted for 21 points (and they lost), they've not scored more than 6 points in any other game.

Maybe Brown will take the job, find the fountain of youth and return SMU to their 1980's glory. Though according to the story, that wouldn't happen until Brown finishes the season as fired coach/analyst for ESPN.

We wish SMU luck. But remember who you are. There is nothing wrong with shooting high, but remember that you should probably aim low...

((P.M Update--Hart Tweeted out Friday afternoon that to his knowledge, nobody from SMU or the search committee has reached out to Brown or his reps. In some respects it would make sense because this is such a surprising story. But, someone has at least floated the idea--or there wouldn't be people throwing it out there to reporters))

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