Wednesday, October 22, 2014

UGA Moves To Get Todd Gurley Eligible Again

The University of Georgia will file paperwork Wednesday to ask the NCAA to reinstate suspended star tailback Todd Gurley.

The school released a statement that said; "Todd has confirmed his desire to seek reinstatement and the University fully supports Todd's request. The University plans to file the necessary paperwork with the NCAA later today (Wed.)"

Gurley has been on indefinite suspension since word began circulating he took money to sign autographs for a memorabilia dealer who in turn was selling the items.

A video was alleged to have been give to a dealer--a Bryan Allen, who also is alleged to have shopped the video and information to various media outlets before sending it to UGA. The video is alleged to have shown Gurley signing items, but stopped short of showing money changing hands.

UGA also added this in their statement; "The University hopes for and expects a prompt ruling by the NCAA so that Todd, his coaches and teammates can adequately prepare for our next game"

What this means: The investigation is done. And Georgia seems to be confident they can get their Gurley back. And they'd like him back to play in their rivalry game vs. Florida. It also means they feel confident the NCAA will agree after having him sit for 2 games.

We will keep an eye on things the next few days as we suspect they'll get their answer no later than Friday.

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