Friday, October 17, 2014

Suns Owner Apologizes to Fans For Spurs


Wonder how well this will go over in sports motivation land?

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver apparently felt the San Antonio Spurs short changed his fans Thursday night during an exhibition game by not bringing or playing most of their starters. Coach Greg Popovich stayed home sick and Tim Duncan along with a couple other starters didn't make the trip.

So he took to the P.A system late in the 4th quarter to apologize to them for having to pay for a "Lopsided" game.


While we sort of understand the sentiment, it WAS an exhibition game. And much like in football and other sports it isn't always about letting your starters play like it's the regular season.

For that very reason, we don't watch NFL preseason football and if the Hawks had their preseason games televised here at the OSG Global HQ (Atlanta), we wouldn't watch that either.

Here's video of Sarver talking to the huddled masses:

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