Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tennessee Gets Silly About the Return of Lane Kiffin

Oh boy, we're laughing hysterically and yet and the same time shaking our heads at the reactions of people in at least the eastern part of Tennessee as they prepare to greet their former head coach and current Alabama assistant Lane Kiffin.

The Tennessee Vols and the 4th ranked Alabama Crimson Tide square off Saturday in a game that the Tide likely will win...and win handily.

But the buildup to this SEC matchup has been nothing short of hilarious.

This isn't made up. A political action committee (Political Hit Squad) came up with this ad to attack State Representative Gloria Johnson.

And there is more...

This story by Knoxville TV station WBIR is about Knoxville barber Rusty Manis who was shorted $14 haircut by Coach Kiffykins who came in to get coiffed and said he forgot his wallet.

He never returned to pay the bill.

Check out the dramatic (funny) retelling of that story (well produced)---

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