Friday, October 17, 2014

Um, Okay: NBA Player Chris Kaman has a Web Show

((ht: cbssports.ocm))

If this isn't proof anyone with a camera, an idea and internet access can have their own show, nothing is.

Portland TrailBlazers Center Chris Kaman, all 7-foot tall of him and his buddies decided they'd start shooting video of their adventures and talk about them. The shows title: Exploring Kaman

Yes, we know, the world is clamoring for the tales of Chris Kaman's adventures.

But this is actually well produced complete with its own Monty Pythonesque animated open.

But also, the 1st episode features the guys going on a boat trip to Mexico chasing a Blue Marlin, without a guide (not recommended)....

Which doesn't exactly set a good, safe example of how to do it.

Anyway, enjoy your Kaman, all 24 minutes worth:

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