Monday, October 27, 2014

ICYMI: NY Jets With Worst Trick Play Ever

Folks, the New York Jets are a crappy football team. Despite their near constant presence on the Sports TV wrap-up shows, they are a bad football team. They don't have nor have they earned the right to have that much coverage. Nobody outside New York...and maybe not even there based on a recent Facebook poll cares anything about them.

That all being said, this is visual proof of just how sad the J-E-T-S are. It's a really, really bad attempt at a trick play on a kickoff return during their 42-23 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

The Jests had T.J Graham lay down in the "Green" end zone, wearing his green Jets jersey during a kick that landed deep in the end zone with the thought that new acquisition Percy Harvin would throw it to him as he suddenly sprang to life.


It didn't go quite that well. Harvin got the ball, tried to run out of the end zone and before he could wind up...was tackled on his own 2 yard line.

Good bye Rex Ryan, it was nice doing stories about you:

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