Saturday, October 25, 2014

Marlins Man Gives Up World Series Seat to God Bless America Singer



If you've been watching this years World Series, chances are you've seen "Marlins Man" aka attorney Laurence Leavy sitting behind home plate in his orange Miami Marlins gear.

Mind you the Marlins are not playing in said World Series.

Leavy has been taking heat for sitting behind home plate with the Kansas City Royals going so far as to offer him Royals swag and a different seat to watch the game.

But Leavy has declined, drawing attention to the Marlins and himself just by sitting there.

Well "Marlins Man" did something Friday night that he'll be remembered even more for.

After hearing Steven Powell of the U.S Navy battle a bad microphone while singing "God Bless America" at ATT Park in San Francisco, he offered up his seat to the sailor.

Well played Marlins Man, well played---

Here's some Vine Video of Powell struggling with the mic:

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